miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

DA Fantasia


DeviantArt has created DA Fantasia, a magic world here YOU create you original character and YOU create this world roleplaying ^^

So, I created Aylen.

do you like it???

then, DA Fantasia created the  Dekimakura meme (sexy meme) , so I must draw my character, Aylen, doing fan service XD

and then, DA created a event where your character is contaminated by a strange potion... and this potion turn Aylen into a man xDDDDD

do you like Aylen??? comment!! ^^


25 july! Fanzine Project 81 on sale!!!

This is the second chapiter form my manga, Mokuteki PARADISE!!! I hope you will enjoy it!!(buy the fanzine to read it!!) there are a lot of exciting stories!!!

you can see more here: http://subarumangaka.deviantart.com/


Something I drew 4 days ago.

you can visit my DeviantArt: http://subarumangaka.deviantart.com/